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Huawei launches 100 kW high power density UPS power module

Huawei has launched an all-new UPS power module globally, dubbed FusionPower2.0. Huawei says that its latest UPS enables the power density of a single module to reach 100 kW/3 U, twice that of industry standards. 

Huawei’s FusionPower2.0 data centre power supply and distribution solution is based on the 100 kW module, and achieves the 1MW, 1 Rack (one standard rack can support 1MW power) principle with a footprint that is more than halved, facilitating improved data centre utilisation and increased revenue.

With the development of AI, big data, cloud computing, and Internet of Things (IoT), data centres have become larger and more complex. With the continual evolution of IT computing capabilities and corresponding improvements to CPU and server power, high-density solutions will gain favour. Power supply and distribution systems in traditional large data centers face a myriad of issues, including low reliability, high power consumption, large footprint, and difficult O&M, according to Huawei. 

SanJay Kumar Sainani, SVP & CTO of Huawei Global Data Centre Facility Business, expressed optimism at how this latest technology could benefit customers, “Due to our strong technical strength and rich experience in the power supply industry, Huawei continues to invest in R&D and innovation. We keep pursuing higher power density and more advanced li-ion battery energy storage technologies in data centers, to meet the new requirements of simplified architecture, high reliability, and simplified O&M for the power supply system of cloud data centres, and helps customers accelerate digital transformation.”

Thanks to its high-density design, the FusionPower2.0 data centre power supply and distribution solution (1200 kVA) only requires 12 power modules, achieving “1MW, 1 Rack”. Taking the UPS input and output power distribution into consideration, the rack number of the whole system is reduced from eight to four, reducing the footprint by 50%. Furthermore, in the ISP industry, more service space leads to higher revenue. For example, when 10 sets of the Huawei FusionPower2.0 1200 kVA system are deployed, it can save 40 rack spaces, and help raise approximately US$570,000 of additional annual revenue.

Huawei says that customers also have the option of combining ultra-high density FusionPower2.0 with Huawei SmartLi intelligent li-ion batteries, which could save even more money.

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