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Regain control of your cloud with Aptum’s Hybrid Cloud Manager

Aptum has recently launched Hybrid Cloud Manager, powered by HyperGrid, a management platform that enables customers to assess, monitor, optimise, provision and govern private and hyperscale public cloud environments through a single interface.

The new service gives customers full control of their costs and simplifies the management of single, hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Aptum’s Hybrid Cloud Manager is designed to improve the cloud experience for organisations by removing complexity and giving them real-time visibility into cloud resources and configurations.

Customers can manage their Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or Platform as a Service (PaaS) environments through one dashboard that offers a complete picture of the economics and performance characteristics of every cloud resource.

The single view gives IT and business decision makers the information they need in a meaningful and contextual format, along with controls to continually optimise their cloud environments in real time.

“Organisations are struggling to get visibility into the performance of their cloud-based infrastructure and applications,” said Jeremy Pease, COO of Aptum.

“Aptum Hybrid Cloud Manager not only provides deep visibility into IaaS-based environments but also addresses PaaS resources where most other cloud management platforms do not, giving businesses a holistic view of every cloud asset, simplifying day-to-day operational cloud complexities.

“This platform addresses some of the biggest challenges in cloud management such as workload migration, cost and performance optimisation, compliance and DevOps automation.”

“Cloud infrastructure users are running on multiple clouds and different deployment models as they build hybrid environments to accommodate the diversity of uses cases that are found in every organisation large or small,” stated Philbert Shih, managing director of Structure Research.

“The holy grail of this world is not just a unified view and management interface, but one capable of addressing security, compliance and performance requirements. This is exceedingly difficult to build the right way and those service providers that do have tangible differentiation and value to offer customers”.

Data is becoming an integral part of companies’ planning, offering new insights and efficiencies. But to unlock the full potential of their data, businesses need to treat their data as part of their corporate infrastructure. Aptum’s Hybrid Cloud Manager helps enable data as infrastructure by allowing organisations to track and control their data anywhere in the cloud.

Aptum’s Hybrid Cloud Manager uses a comprehensive set of tools and APIs to give customers the insight they need to better control:

  • Cloud migration assessments
  • Cloud planning and application insights
  • Cloud cost management and optimization
  • Cloud security and governance
  • Compliance requirements
  • Cloud and multi-cloud configuration

Aptum’s Hybrid Cloud Manager is available immediately to Aptum customers globally with cost analytics and optimisation, and performance monitoring and recommendations for public and private cloud environments launching with Azure and VMware support. 

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