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Schneider Electric’s Uniflair is the company’s first rack-mounted data centre cooling solution

As Data Centre World 2020 kicks off in London today, Schneider Electric has come out of the gates with the announcement of its first rack-mounted data centre cooling solution, dubbed Uniflair. 

According to Schneider Electric, its Uniflair Rack Mounted Cooling 3.5kW DX solution addresses the escalating demand for rack-based cooling for micro data centres and edge computing where space can be at a premium. With Uniflair, customers can free up valuable IT floor space by placing the IT cooling at the bottom of any IT rack. 

Schneider says some of the benefits of the new Uniflair rack-mounted data centre cooling solution include:


  • Reduced Complexity: Provides precise temperature control to cool single racks of IT equipment without the need of any additional cooling.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: Installs and integrates quickly and simply at the bottom of the IT rack.
  • Reduced OpEx: Variable capacity offers continuous and automatic modulation of fan and compressor speed to match rack airflow requirements to deliver 0.5kW to 3.5kW of cooling, maximizing efficiency and lowering operational cost.
  • Less Maintenance: Designed for fast and easy access servicing, which reduces unplanned maintenance.


As with most Schneider Electric products, Uniflair can be integrated into EcoStruxure, enabling the global visibility of performance and status supported with a 24×7 expert service bureau using the next generation data centre management (DCIM) software, EcoStruxure IT Expert, and EcoStruxure Asset Advisor.

“Simply put, our new vendor-neutral, rack-mounted cooling solution is right-sized for edge micro data centres and provides the right answer for cooling today’s critical edge technology,” noted Maurizio Frizziero, director of cooling, Schneider Electric. 

“It offers more cooling in less space and simplifies management and maintenance, making it ideal for industries like retail, finance, health care, light manufacturing, and education.”

Schneider Electric’s rack mounted cooling solution is available worldwide.

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