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Schneider Electric debuts new EcoStruxure IT Expert API, simplifying management at the Edge

Schneider Electric has announced the release of the first public API for EcoStruxure IT Expert. This enables IT solution providers and end-users to integrate core functionality from the popular DCIM software into any preferred management system. 

The introduction of the EcoStruxure IT Expert API gives users more choice over how they manage their infrastructure, which Schneider Electric hopes will simplify the management at the Edge for IT solution providers and end-users. 

Using the new API, users can maintain a local data store and build custom applications that react to changes. With this increased access to energy and infrastructure resource data, users can make changes to increase efficiency and sustainability.

Schneider Electric notes that access to data via the EcoStruxure IT Expert API creates opportunities for growth and efficiency.

“We are working with our partners and customers in new and different ways so they can gain the right visibility and insights on their IT infrastructure while we help to create a more open ecosystem,” said Kevin Brown, senior vice president EcoStruxure, Energy Management Business, Schneider Electric. 

“We have been talking about releasing a public API in the past year, and this announcement of its availability for EcoStruxure IT Expert demonstrates our on-going commitment to solving efficiency and sustainability challenges with edge computing while also opening up new business opportunities for partners.”

With the addition of the public API, IT solution providers can integrate the EcoStruxure IT platform into their preferred systems. Schneider Electric says that this approach drives differentiation and brings more value to customers who are grappling with the complexities of edge network management.

“EcoStruxure IT Expert API brings additional power-based instrumentation to bear, supplementing our current platform with additional data to increase our related value proposition and enrich the overall customer experience,” said Wayne St. Jacques, vice president, Managed & Executive Services, ePlus.

The key benefits offered by the API, include: 


  • Third-party integration: Integrate the EcoStruxure IT platform into existing systems to mitigate risk of downtime by monitoring power and critical infrastructures.
  • Improved, instantaneous visibility: Access critical infrastructure data from your preferred system and retrieve a snapshot of its current state to determine any alarms.
  • Smarter, data-driven decision making: Capture alarm, inventory, sensor and location data to make key decisions and, in the case of a partner, make proactive recommendations to customers.
  • Improved reporting: Pull data from your power and critical devices into existing or new dashboards and gain the ability to add metrics with a granular level of detail.


EcoStruxure IT Expert API is available globally in all markets, except China.

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