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Panduit’s Bob Voss named chair of Single Pair Ethernet subcommittee by Ethernet Alliance

The Ethernet Alliance, the industry trade group responsible for the promotion and support of the ethernet networking protocol, has appointed Panduit’s Bob Voss as chair of its Single Pair Ethernet subcommittee. 

Bob Voss is the senior principal engineer at Panduit, responsible for researching and developing key technologies for the firm. In his role as chair of the Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) subcommittee he will assist with driving the development of a coherent roadmap for BASE-T1 Ethernet, as the preferred network implementation in a single network infrastructure incorporating industrial networks into the Ethernet environment. 

The subcommittee believes that developing a roadmap for BASE-T1 Ethernet will lead to significantly increased network security and replace vulnerable older protocols with robust IP networks offering higher data speed, transmission distance and data security benefits.

Commenting on his appointment, Bob Voss stated, “I am honoured to be appointed chair of the Single Pair Ethernet subcommittee of the Ethernet Alliance. The past five years have seen gains in capability for Single Pair Ethernet and demonstrated its ability to support proven operations technology (OT) topologies used in industry and manufacturing environments, bringing real value to organisations.”

Bob Voss has represented Panduit before numerous standard development organisations including IEEE802.3, TIA TR42/TR60, IEC and NEMA, and chairs the ODVA Ethernet/IP Physical Layer SIG. His expertise is in industrial automation, building automation and the Internet of Things, with four decades in control engineering and industrial network architectures.

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