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Transparency and control across IT racks’ power consumption

In order to understand energy consumption, users need transparency and data which is why Rittal has integrated measurement functionality and detailed energy analyses within its new PDU (Power Distribution Unit) product range.

The new PDUs can be configured online to deliver high-quality power distribution quickly and easily across any IT rack according to individual requirements.

This intelligent power distribution system significantly enhances Rittal’s IT infrastructure range, which includes IT cooling, monitoring, physical security and turnkey data centres, as well as cloud services.

It has been estimated that data centres consume as much as 500 billion kilowatt hours of energy globally. By 2030, this demand could rise as high as 2,000 billion kilowatt hours.

In addition, it’s widely anticipated that the energy demands of individual IT systems are going to rise, driven by new technologies such as 5G networks and IoT.

Measuring and streamlining power consumption is now becoming even more important for data centre operators.

Rittal’s new portfolio of PDU products offers detailed energy metering within the IT rack to help cut IT operating costs in the data centre.

“Despite the many efficiency gains that have been achieved in IT so far, energy consumption is continuing to grow in many data centres,” explained Luis Brücher, vice president product management IT at Rittal.

“With our new range of PDUs, we are helping data centre operators to analyse energy costs precisely and to make the most of any further potential for optimising costs.”

Five models to meet every application

The new PDU range is made up of five basic models that are functionally based on each other and can be individually configured.

These are:

PDU basic: single power distribution model functions passively and conducts the power distribution in the IT rack.

PDU metered: includes measuring capabilities at each phase, e.g. for voltage, power and frequency, as well as for other data.

PDU metered plus: model takes this a step further by allowing energy data acquisition per output slot.

PDU switched: delivers measurements per phase and features switchable output slots.

PDU managed: combines the functions of the metered plus and the switched, allowing power distribution and data acquisition per output slot, plus power management with switching functions for each slot.

A space-saving format and tool-free assembly

One of the special characteristics of the new PDU generation is its slimline design.

Rittal PDUs can be installed in the zero-U-space; in other words, in the space between the side panel and the 19″ mounting frame.

This means no height units are blocked and allows for maintenance and installation, even with a fully configured IT rack.

Rittal IT racks are designed for easy installations without the need for any additional tools – simply by using a clip-fastening on the 19″ frame.

With third-party IT racks, the same installations can be carried out using the universal fasteners supplied.

Modular systems for maximum flexibility

Rittal’s modular production enables customers to choose a custom configuration to allow a PDU to be adapted to meet the needs of the application.

They can select the length of the cable, the connector to be used, agree the number and type of socket locations, and configure protective contact outputs.

Additional modules can be configured to expand a PDU’s functionality in areas such as residual current measurement or overvoltage protection features.

Thanks to the modular concept, individual components, like the PDU controller board and surge protection, can be replaced while the unit is still running, helping to boost the data centre’s availability.

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