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DigiPlex opens new data centre in Lillestrøm, Norway

Digiplex has opened its fourth data centre in Norway, its second at Fetsund in Lillestrøm municipality.

The new facility is 2,200 sqm and will serve the increasing demand for sustainable and secure data centre capacity in Norway. 

DigiPlex started in Norway, with three existing campuses all located around Oslo in Rosenholm, Ulven and Fetsund.

Two further campuses will be opened shortly – one in Hobøl (also in Oslo) and a third at Fetsund. These, combined with existing sites in Stockholm and Copenhagen will give DigiPlex eight sites in the Nordic region.

The new data centre is built to support 3 MW and is engineered for very high levels of service availability. 

Through DigiPlex’ Nordic Connect Platform, customers will also be able to operate dual site solutions for added security and significantly reduced risk of downtime.

The majority of the site is already reserved for global customers but offers expansion possibilities to house additional customers.

DigiPlex is expanding rapidly, and as the new data centre is opened, one more data centre is under construction next to the now two operative centres in Lillestrøm and another data centre at Holtskogen in Indre Østfold municipality, south east of Oslo.

Both campuses at Fetsund and Holtskogen have possibilities for further expansion. Construction time for the new centres has been less than a year, despite challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The expansion programme is partly financed through a fully subscribed NOK 655 million bond issue that will be listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange this Autumn.  

“We are seeing increased demand from both our enterprise customers who continue to move their digital infrastructure from on-premise solutions into combinations of colocation and cloud, as well as from the largest IT companies in the world, so-called ‘hyperscalers’, looking to capitalise on the advantages of placing their data centres in the Nordics,” commented Wiljar Nesse, CEO of DigiPlex.

“Both the location at Fetsund and at Holtskogen are ideal, as they have ample access to power, are well connected, have expansion possibilities and the closeness to Oslo provides low latency for our customers.”

After opening this additional data centre, and the ongoing construction of a third, DigiPlex is becoming a major investor in the Lillestrøm area.

The campus at Fetsund has become a hub for hyperscale activity and a very efficient location for customers with power fibre and core infrastructure embedded in the campus environment. 

“It is a pleasure as mayor to see that DigiPlex has chosen to invest further and expand its business in Lillestrøm municipality. It helps to confirm that Lillestrøm is an attractive place for future-oriented industries to establish themselves and that again contributes to new jobs”, said mayor of Lillestrøm municipality Jørgen Vik.

DigiPlex opened the first data centre at Fetsund in Lillestrøm in 2015, a 10 MW centre covering 4,200 sqm. At the opening, this data centre was the largest data centre using air-to-air cooling technology in Europe and currently primarily serves TietoEVRY. 

The new facility in Lillestrøm employs a very energy efficient indirect evaporative cooling system which is similar in function to systems widely deployed by DigiPlex in Sweden and Norway.

The resilient infrastructure of the new data centre has inherent redundancy in the power and cooling systems and is engineered such that everything can be maintained or repaired without services downtime.

The new facility expands upon the robust physical security infrastructure already in place, increasing the campus capability for surveillance, monitoring and manned guarding.

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