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European data centres facing extreme temperature challenges

Image: Adobe Stock / Connect world

I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been feeling the humidity lately, and data centres are no different. According to Aggreko, contractors working on data centre projects must have appropriate dehumidifiers in place, after Europe was hit with yet more heatwaves and subsequent storms.

As Europe experiences more volatile weather patterns, data centre operators and contractors are being advised to ensure effective dehumidifiers are in use to remove moisture from the air. It follows news from Aggreko’s recent report, which found that some 40% data centre operators across Europe don’t believe existing infrastructure is able to cope with temperature demands.

According to Aggreko, many contractors use heaters to remove damp areas which cause many future inefficiencies. While heaters may appear to work, they simply move the moisture around the room, rather than removing it from the atmosphere.

Ryan Stanley, moisture control sales and product manager Northern Europe commented, “You don’t have to look for long until you find a news story about another data centre being built.

“However, it is important to note that any damage caused by substandard temperature and moisture control are managed with a matter of urgency, especially after seeing such extreme weather patterns across the continent.”

Over the last 12 months, Aggreko has been expanding its presence for specialist industry services. The expert team partners with contractors involved in the construction of data centres to maintain clean environments and exact humidity levels for safe installation of critical equipment and protection of equipment warranties.

To support data centres and contractors with technical requirements, Aggreko has expanded its moisture control division with the appointment of Mark Sketheway. The experienced moisture control specialist joins as moisture control development manager, working alongside the team led by Ryan Stanley.

Sketheway brings over 10 years’ experience working across food and beverage, power generation and oil processing. He will be responsible for driving the business forward within Northern Europe as well as upskilling colleagues in these unique applications.  

The larger team will mean Aggreko can now take a more targeted approach with specific sector challenges. 

Sketheway added, “I’m really excited about this role. Aggreko’s moisture control division is moving from strength to strength and getting on board at this stage in the journey is going to be really exciting. Aggreko has traditionally been associated with generators and temperature control, so I’m looking forward to raising the profile of its moisture control division.”

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