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SSE Enterprise Telecoms further expands network across the UK 

SSE Enterprise Telecoms has added eight new data centres to its network, whilst also having upgraded four existing facilities.

SSE Enterprise Telecoms is now connected to more than 90 commercial data centres across the UK and forms part of the telecoms provider’s overall investment programme to deliver high capacity connectivity across England, Scotland and Wales to support the ever-increasing capacity demands of UK businesses. 

A better-connected UK 

According to IDC’s Global DataSphere Forecast (May 2020), more than 59 zettabytes of data will be processed globally in 2020 with enterprise data demands playing a considerable role in that year-on-year increase in consumption.

Whether it’s for customer orders, billing systems or managing IT infrastructure, processing information is critical for the smooth-running of any business. And that requirement is felt in all corners of the UK, prompted by emerging technologies such as 5G and IoT.

In recognition of this fact, SSE Enterprise Telecoms has connected eight new data centres in England, Scotland and Wales, including ASK4 in Sheffield, AQL DC2 and DC5 in Leeds, SCC and Six Degrees in Birmingham, DataVita and Pulsant in Glasgow and Next Generation Data in Newport. All of which are live and available for service immediately.

The business has also upgraded Global Switch 2, Interxion Hanbury Street in London, LD5 in Slough and Kilburn House in Manchester to facilitate 100Gbps and 10Gbps Ethernet services as standard.

To facilitate their regional and access network requirements, many companies need high capacity connectivity to handle large data transfers from the edge to the core. SSE Enterprise Telecoms’ data centres will be connected to its rapidly growing national network of unbundled exchanges, an offering the company believes will help meet the capacity demands of its customers.

The combination of Optical 100Gbps and Ethernet 10Gbps services gives companies scope to cost-effectively tap into high bandwidth connectivity and scale as required allowing capacity to grow at the same rate as their business.

Flexibility during uncertain times 

In recent months, even the best-laid plans have had to be re-assessed. Covid-19 has seen weekday daytime broadband traffic increase between 35-60% in the UK. With instant access to data from anywhere being more important than ever, businesses are having to reconfigure their infrastructure to grant more people online access.

The option to access both Optical and Ethernet connectivity in one place, gives organisations the autonomy to select a solution that best suits their network needs. Reliable, fast, high capacity connectivity will prevent slow processing or downtime and will empower businesses to scale based on their current requirements.

Sector director for service providers at SSE Enterprise Telecoms, Simon Willmott commented, “With digital transformation in full swing, everything businesses do today depends on connectivity. The issue for companies is that finding a local, business-ready connectivity solution they can plug in to is not always easy.

“By providing Optical and Ethernet services that span the UK, we can better enable local networks that need to be connected nationally, providing businesses with the robust, reliable, business-ready connectivity they require.”

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