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Audacia pushes tech jobs despite economic difficulties

Software developer Audacia is kick-starting its second graduate tech scheme despite the challenges faced by a global pandemic.

Leeds and London based software development company, Audacia, is celebrating the launch of its second graduate training programme, highlighting its commitment to invest in young talent in the tech sector, despite the current economic climate.

The business, which employs 50 staff, launched the scheme in 2019 and – after significant success which saw all graduates hired into full time roles – has continued the programme to offer 2020 graduates an intensive introduction to the world of software development.

Audacia is dedicated to nurturing talent in the region; head of engineering, Richard Brown, and technical director, Philip Rashleigh, continue to lead the training scheme, with Brown designing the modules and other industry-leading experts within the company supporting on the delivery of the scheme.

To ensure each 2020 graduate receives the same rewarding experience as the class of 2019, the collaborative and interactive approach to working has remained the same, with all graduates working collectively to deliver one project.

Despite the scheme remaining largely the same as last year’s initiative, a number of changes have been implemented on account of Covid-19, with remote working being the most significant.

The introduction of tools such as Microsoft Teams and Visual Studio Live Share has allowed Brown and Rashleigh, as well as all graduates, to work safely and remotely throughout the course of the pandemic.

The graduates will learn a vast number of transferrable skills during this scheme, from technical-based skills such as how to code in C# and non-functional coding requirements, to commercial modules focusing on how technical operations benefit and work within organisations.

Richard Brown said, “It’s been a difficult year for businesses, but it has been an especially challenging time for graduates. Leaving higher education to enter the world of work is a daunting prospect without the added uncertainty of doing so during a pandemic, so we are so pleased to be in a position to offer the graduate scheme to four talented individuals this year.

“Maintaining the same high level of mentoring has been crucial and with the help of a number of co-working tools and an enthusiastic team, we have successfully integrated our new graduates into Audacia.

“The goal is to continue the momentum of training and introduce new talent into the technology sector, no matter what the economic circumstances are, so – when the world recovers from this crisis – Audacia is here to support businesses as a first-class team of experienced software development professionals.”

One of the graduates, Esme Lawrence commented, “I signed my contract for the graduate scheme several weeks before the UK lockdown, and when the lockdown happened myself and my course friends all found ourselves feeling a bit lost in terms of what we would do after graduation. 

“Some of my friends lost their graduate placements, but Audacia kept in regular contact, ensuring that the graduate scheme would go ahead. This allowed me to complete my degree with peace of mind that I still had a job to go to afterwards.”

Audacia’s 2019 programme saw all graduates secure full-time development roles within the business, working on large-scale software systems that aid businesses in operational, time and cost management and it is the business’ goal to recruit and retain young talent on an annual basis.

To find out more about Audacia’s graduate schemes contact: [email protected]

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