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Could the UK be getting its first Google data centre?

Could the likes of Google really be gracing little old us with its presence? Rumour has it the Silicon Valley giant has recently purchased a plot of land north of London, which some might say could make the perfect site for say, a data centre perhaps?

Google’s data centres already house a plethora of servers and drives, as well as providing the infrastructure that make the company’s myriad of services around the world possible.

City A.M. reported that the plot, apparently located in Broxbourne in Hertfordshire, would ‘comfortably accommodate a data plant’. Nothing other than a data centre would require such a sizeable site.

As it stands, Google has just seven processing sites outside of the US, five of which are located in Europe, with a 2016 report suggesting that the firm’s (then six) data centres in the US were responsible for providing as many as 11,000 jobs.

And when it comes to sustainability, Google really is leading the way, having committed to ensuring all its power hungry sites are powered by renewable sources in order to maintain ambient temperatures along with everything else.

Although there has yet to be a confirmed timeline for this suspected build, Google has made it clear to the industry it has ensured it has the option to grow should the business demand it, which needless to say, it probably will – in fact I’d bet money on it.

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