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Data Centre World postponed until July 2021 due to Covid-19

Data Centre World 2021

Data Centre World has confirmed that it will be postponing its 2021 event by a few months due to Covid-19, with the event now set to take place between July 7-8. 

Initially due to take place between March 24-25, 2021, Data Centre World made the decision due to the recent surge in Covid-19 cases, as well as the current uncertainty around future government restrictions on large scale gatherings. 

While the 2020 event went ahead at London’s Excel, the Covid-19 pandemic caused a huge drop in the number of visitors. That was despite a whole raft of measures taken by the organisers to quell any concerns surrounding the virus. The organisers are hoping the 2021 event will be a success. 

A statement from the organisers of Data Centre World noted, “In difficult times like the one that affects us today across the globe, it is important to remember the primary objective of trade shows: a trade show is above all the opportunity for the market to meet, learn and collaborate together. The events industry supports businesses of all sizes and the economy in general. Data Centre World is part of this and we will overcome all obstacles so our annual meeting fulfils this mission.

“2020 presented us with an array of challenges, 2021 will be filled with opportunities. The past year was our chance to reflect on what happened and plan for the future. But it was also the occasion for us to review and rethink our approach as event organisers. With a revamped content agenda, a brand new format and stacks of opportunities to cease, Data Centre World 2021 will be our most ambitious iteration in a decade.”

What changes will Data Centre World have to make due to Covid-19? 

Data Centre World has yet to announce any major initiatives for the event on July 7-8, 2021, although it’s likely we’ll see an enhanced version of last year’s Covid-19 restrictions. 

Those restrictions included enhanced cleaning, hand sanitiser being readily available, encouraged social distancing, and a handshake ban. It’s likely that masks will be enforced for the 2021 event. 

Of course, despite moving the date to July, there’s still no guarantee that the event will go ahead as planned. Covid-19 restrictions are constantly changing and despite the existence of three potentially viable vaccines, Government scientists have warned that life may not return to a sense of normality until 2022, or at the very least next summer.

One thing is for sure, Covid-19 will have had to see a big enough reduction to stand down the NHS Nightingale Hospital, which is currently occupying London’s Excel. If the hospital is still in residence in July 2021, it’s likely Data Centre World will need to find a new venue or further postpone the event.

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