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Three UK’s data centre transformation offers improved latency, better reliability

Three UK has announced the completion of its data centre transformation, which the firm claims will offer decreased latency for customers across 3G, 4G and 5G connections. 

The UK network provider has invested over £2 billion in transforming its network and IT infrastructure, with more than 20 new data centres coming online across the UK. The firm says that customers should see a big improvement in their services thanks to these new data centres.

One of the major reasons behind its data centre transformation was the fact that Three UK wanted its data centres to be closer to its customers. Now, its latest data centres are spread out across the UK, offering consumers on its network a more consistent experience. 

Three UK also notes that the new data centres should also increase network reliability, as traffic can be automatically redirected from a data centre having an issue to another in real time. 

In addition to improved network performance, the new data centres, provided by the company’s partners, Equinix and Ark, come fitted with the latest energy-saving technology. This means a reduced carbon footprint due to improved cooling systems and they are also more efficient than our older data centres, using less power.

So far, Three UK has reported great success with its new data centres. The firm claims that its 5G latency is half that of other mobile network operators in the UK, helping it achieve the fastest 5G download speeds based on the latest published industry results. 

Susan Buttsworth, chief operating officer at Three UK, said, “Our new data centres allow us to spread the network load across the country, and bring our customers closer to their data, meaning less lag.  This investment will help us provide a better network experience for our customers, giving them better connectivity, every day.”

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