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Vantage Data Centers: Renewable energy now an option for all customers


Vantage Data Centers is now providing access to renewable energy options at each of its North American and European campuses to enable customers to reduce their carbon emissions. Additionally, the company has hired two experts to lead its environmental sustainability commitments across the globe. 

Four of the company’s campuses are currently powered by more than 99% renewable energy (hydro, tidal and wind) for critical IT load through Vantage’s utility partners, while the other campuses provide access to green power purchases and renewable energy credits through local utility partners.

Vantage actively works with energy providers, customers and industry groups to advocate and invest in additional renewable energy options globally.  

As part of an expanded focus on environmental goals, the company named Amanda Sutton as senior director of sustainability to lead Vantage’s global sustainability program to lessen its environmental impacts worldwide.

In addition, Neal Kalita will serve as the director of power and sustainability with a focus on the company’s European campuses. Sutton and Kalita join a global team overseeing environmentally responsible facility design, construction and operations. 

“Vantage is working collaboratively with our customers, investors and utilities to invest in sources of renewable energy and to set goals in all areas of sustainable development in order to make a positive impact in the communities where we operate” said Sureel Choksi, president and CEO, Vantage Data Centers.

“Part of our commitment to expand our ESG program included adding leadership in several areas, and I’m thrilled to have Amanda and Neal on board to provide a new depth of expertise to our team.” 

As part of its Environmental, Safety and Corporate Governance (ESG) program, Vantage is taking a broad approach to the many facets of environmental sustainability.  

“Vantage is approaching sustainability from all angles,” explained Sutton. “While energy efficiency and access to renewable energy are major focus areas, we are also investing in resources to reduce our carbon footprint, decrease water usage and be a good community partner.

“We want to ensure our campuses strengthen the communities where we operate while providing beautiful, comfortable and healthy spaces for our customers and employees to do their best work.” 

Some of the additional sustainable achievements and features on Vantage’s campuses include: 

  • Eliminating water usage from cooling by standardising on air-cooled chillers featuring a closed-loop system, which takes advantage of water-side economisation.
  • Using Energy Star certified, high-efficiency, double-conversion UPS systems delivering an annualised power usage effectiveness (PUE) under 1.3. 
  • Obtaining certifications for environmental design, construction and operations from leading standards organisations globally. 
  • Recycling of construction materials and using sustainable building materials.  
  • Deploying on-site power generation from solar and wind for non-critical uses on the Northern Virginia campus, including exterior and office lighting.  
  • Incorporating green roofs, solar facades, drought resistant landscaping and EV charging stations at various campuses.  

The company’s environmental sustainability goals and initiatives align with those of its hyperscale, cloud, enterprise customers and investors, including Colony Capital, which have made similar climate and environmental commitments across their respective portfolios. 

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