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The ‘Edge Outlook’

Image: Adobe Stock / Connect world

Intel’s new report, ‘The Edge Outlook’ identifies edge computing as a critical factor that businesses must harness to both successfully navigate and understand data both now and into the future. 

Businesses are increasingly turning to the edge to help accelerate growth and drive business transformation. 

Intel is currently working with customers across numerous industries to extract real business value by a move to the edge.

The edge makes it possible for every single object to store information and for that information to be extracted and used in real time.  

Why it matters

Technology use has grown exponentially during the pandemic, generating new, unprecedented volumes of critical business data.

This data will be central to the digital transformation of many businesses, but many organisations are facing very real data processing challenges.

For example, it’s impractical to send the sheer volume of data now being created back to the cloud for processing due to latency issues. This is where edge computing can play a critical role in driving efficiencies and underpinning the future growth of business. 

The rate at which the world is changing is exacerbated by the global pandemic, climate crisis and rising socio-political tensions.

Alongside this, our reliance on data is soaring — trillions of minutes are processed on video platforms per month. Businesses need this data readily available to drive real-time innovation. 

This data explosion has sparked urgency amongst businesses looking to maximise their use of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), edge computing and 5G communications.

Business leaders are waking up to the infrastructure demands of these technologies and the role edge computing can play in driving competitive advantage via accelerated digital transformation. 

What the report says

The paper provides insight into the now, new and next of edge computing across key industries.

In short, the edge is where businesses can turn ambitious plans into reality. Businesses are realising that the edge is integral to unlocking future innovations — 76% say that identifying ‘the ideal location’ for data process is a challenge. 

This report offers guidance to IT leaders on how to use edge computing to drive operational efficiencies, create new products and open new revenue streams using real-world success stories. 

Alongside practical advice from digital pioneer and AI scientist Inma Martinez, the report reveals why businesses can no longer afford to ignore the edge.

“Data has always been a cornerstone of civilisation, even going back to the Bronze Age. The edge makes possible a world where all of a sudden, every single object has the potentiality for information – information that can be extracted and used in real-time.”

With the edge set to transform every aspect of life and business, businesses must embrace collaboration and leverage ecosystems that allow them to capitalise on all its opportunities.

Edge computing is already bringing digital services to the next frontier, working in synergy with critical technologies like AI and 5G.

Among Intel customers alone, there are now over 24,000 edge deployments generating real business value, helping companies grow and innovate in this new era of distributed intelligence.

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