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That’s a wrap!


Today is my last day!

So after three and a bit years, I (Claire Fletcher) will be hanging up my hat as ER & DCR editor to pursue pastures new.

The tech/data centre side of things is where my background lies, so when the opportunity arose to focus my career solely in this area, I just had to take it.

DCR has grown exponentially over the last few years, which I of course do not attribute exclusively to myself, but the fantastic team I’ve had the pleasure of working with, and who will undoubtedly smash it in my absence.

Speaking of the dream team, as of 1 September, taking over as editor on DCR will be our beloved Kayleigh Hutchins, whose details will soon be available via our Contact page.

As for Electrical Review, taking the reins as editor there will be Jordan O’Brien, my podcast co-host, contributing editor and general part of the furniture, whose details are of course already available on both websites, so you can harass him with wild abandon.

Thank you to all of our readers and clients past and present, for the feedback, support and cracking content, none of it would be possible without you guys.

But for those that care/would like to know where I’ve gone, you can find me via LinkedIn where I will be updating my whereabouts in due course.

But for now, that’s a wrap! Have a smashing bank holiday all, and thanks again. Much love ✌️

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