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Concert works with Ark Data Centres to complete Meridian Park data centre

Image: Adobe Stock / Connect world

Concert has announced that the Meridian Park data centre in North London reached practical completion last month.

Work on the site began in 2019, after Ark Data Centres appointed Concert as Cost Manager and Principal Designer.

Previously a distribution centre, the site underwent a number of modifications, including the addition of an external envelope and plant gantries. Loading capacity was also improved and a new mezzanine constructed to improve the utilisation of space.

Developed in four phases, the site has now been transformed into a tier three data centre facility.

Sustainability was identified as a key focus of the project, and it now draws electrical power generated by Edmonton EcoPark, which turns waste into low-carbon energy. The site offers 16MW of white space over seven data halls, cooled by indirect evaporative cooling units housed on external plant gantries.

The project used the NEC3 contract on a Design and Build basis with a formal gain-share feature. The aim was to promote collaboration and improved performance among all those involved, to offer mutual and measurable benefits.

“We have worked successfully on several projects for Ark Data Centres for over a decade now and I am always impressed with their commitment to social responsibility and their pioneering approach to sustainable development,” said Concert Director Daniel Wright.

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