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Data centre podcast challenges myths and misinformation

Data centre podcast

Echelon Data Centres has produced a podcast series providing insight into the data centre industry and dispelling common misconceptions.

The podcast, entitled Power and Responsibility – the Data Centre Podcast, takes on such topics as data centre sustainability, energy supply and the often controversial issue of cooling technology.

According to Damien Gaynor, Chief Marketing Officer at Echelon Data Centres, the podcast aims to inform the industry and public at large about the challenges facing the data centre sector in Ireland, which is coming under increasing scrutiny and political pressures.

“In our podcast series, we explore some of the areas that will assist in data centre sustainability – liquid cooling for example, which increases power usage efficiency, the potential for green hydrogen production on sites with ready access to renewable power, and alternative energy sources like biogas to power CCHP generators.

“We also bust a few myths. Contrary to the popular view, data centres do create jobs, do deliver economic benefit and aren’t going to suck the country’s power dry. And we look under the bonnet of sustainability itself and find out what actually makes it work.”

There are currently five episodes of Power and Responsibility – the Data Centre Podcast, which can be found on the Echelon Data Centres website.

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