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Earth Wind & Power collaborates with Cloud&Heat Technologies

Earth Wind & Power

Earth Wind & Power (EWP) has purchased a pre-series data centre container from Dresden-based Cloud&Heat Technologies (C&H).

C&H will provide EWP with a 1.8MW data centre in a 40-foot container, designed to be as energy efficient as possible. The combined set up of data centre container and integrated servers was developed together with Bitfury.

A specialised cooling system has been fitted to cope with extreme weather conditions, which features 144 servers designed with integrated water-cooling pipes that are connected to the container itself. The data centre uses a closed liquid cooling system, requiring no air filters, and an interface to help utilise waste heat has also been fitted.

EWP is working with energy producers to find ways of using excess energy to sustainably power the unit and other modules of this kind. The unit is expected for delivery in Q1 2022 as the first stage of a collaborative research and development effort between EWP, C&H and Bitfury.

“The purchase of the first data centre container marks an exciting step in the growing collaboration between our companies, as we continue to enhance our groundbreaking ESG solution for tackling excess energy production and the exponential growth in global demand for power for data centre applications. We look forward to further enhancing our solution through continued collaboration with partners like C&H, who share our vision and complement our strengths,” said Ingvil Smines Tybring-Gjedde, CEO and CoFounder of Earth Wind & Power.

“We are very happy about this cooperation, as all partners share the same vision of a sustainable digital future and optimally contribute their respective strengths from the very beginning. This is a joint pioneering achievement that could be replicated in other markets in the future and a great example of what can happen when you work together beyond your own traditional value creation levels.

“Earth Wind & Power has a huge network and is opening up important new markets for us. This also applies to countries that may be underserved and have insufficient access to compute resources,” added Nicolas Röhrs, CEO and Co-Founder of Cloud&Heat Technologies.

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