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Vantage SDC expands with acquisition of Santa Clara data centre

Image: Adobe Stock / Connect world

Vantage SDC (Stabilized Data Centers) has announced the acquisition of CA22, a 24MW hyperscale data centre serving the Santa Clara region.

CA22 is located in Vantage’s CA2 campus next to Vantage SDC’s fully-owned CA21 facility, and according to DigitalBridge, its acquisition cost $539 million.

Vantage SDC was formed in in 2020, following a $3.5 billion partnership between Vantage Data Centers and DigitalBridge.

CA22 is Vantage SDC’s first hyperscale data centre acquisition since its formation, with Vantage Data Centers to continue to manage and operate the facility. With the acquisition, Vantage SDC now boasts 13 stabilised hyperscale data centres across North America, offering a total capacity of 177MW.

“DigitalBridge’s commitment to supporting the growth of its portfolio companies while serving the growing need for hyperscale data centres remains strong,” said Marc Ganzi, President and CEO of DigitalBridge.

“This transaction not only advances Vantage SDC’s strategic plan to grow its portfolio of stabilised data centres, but also increases DigitalBridge’s exposure to world-class digital infrastructure assets that deliver consistent returns for investors.”

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