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New tool promises to help data centres identify potential PUE savings

Inspired Energy PUE Calculator

Inspired Energy has launched a brand-new PUE calculator to highlight the energy efficiency of data centres, while suggesting ways in which a data centre can make additional energy efficiency improvements to save energy, carbon and cash. 

Inspired Energy’s PUE Calculator is an online tool which helps data centres measure the impact of their PUE. However, while PUE is a good benchmark, it becomes really effective when the score can be used to look at how energy savings can be made – and this is where the PUE Calculator is designed to help. 

Taking just five minutes to complete, the PUE Calculator is available online now for all data centres to use. Once a user has generated their PUE score, all they need to do is enter their ‘desired future PUE score’ into the calculator and it will show what the IT and facility loads need to be to reach the new score. The tool will then provide the user with both the financial savings and carbon savings of reducing their PUE to the desired level.

Importantly, through highlighting the potential energy savings a data centre can make, the PUE Calculator enables businesses to plan and implement energy saving initiatives to help meet sustainability goals and manage operating costs.

James Miles, Head of Specialist Accounts at Inspired Energy PLC, commented, “We have worked in partnership with over 130 data centre sites and this has given us a unique and in-depth understanding of the specific efficiency challenges they face. 

“The development of the PUE Calculator is the result of us wanting to find a simple, yet effective way for those responsible for energy management to take their current PUE and look at the potential energy efficiency savings that can be made. Insight is one of the most powerful tools we all have on the road to net zero, as it is only through understanding energy usage and the potential for efficiency, that we can put in place plans to meet our goals and really make a difference to our businesses and our planet.”

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