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Pipedrive looks to Rackspace to provide private cloud management in UK


Pipedrive has unveiled a newly built Rackspace OpenStack private cloud environment for the UK.

Now live, the private cloud environment brings Pipedrive closer to its European customers outside of the EU like those in the UK, minimising response times and meeting security, compliance and data sovereignty requirements in these locations.

Pipedrive’s UK data centre is its fourth cloud region, designed to better scale the platform to the needs of regional customers.

Agur Jõgi, CTO, Pipedrive, said: “Pipedrive has grown dramatically from a 2010 start-up to a company with nearly 100,000 users in more than 150 countries worldwide. We significantly benefit from the innovation Rackspace Technology offers customers and as our managed cloud provider they help us to scale to match our rapidly growing customer base.”

Andy Brierley, UK General Manager at Rackspace Technology, added, “Pipedrive relies on state-of-the-art technologies for maximum security and availability which our robust and innovative cloud capabilities afford. As Pipedrive continues to grow, it will be supported by our flexible approach and team of experts to enable the best outcomes for its customers.”

Pipedrive says it will also be adding additional application regions via AWS to expand its reach for customers.

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