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Automated, real-time data centre asset tracking with passive, custom RFID labels


A worldwide ICT-company needed to automate how their servers were tracked and managed. With thousands of high value ICT assets in play, the ability to report without error on real-time asset whereabouts proved essential for both commercial success and compliance.

In addition, the company was looking for ways to enhance cable maintenance intervention speed and accuracy.

Brady Corporation suggested the solution: Automated, real-time asset tracking with passive, custom on-metal UHF RFID and NFC labels.

Relevant asset locations, time-stamps, and other data are available in real-time at the click of a button. Staff no longer have to manually count assets and can assess a site’s entire ICT inventory in a couple of hours, instead of weeks.

The data also enables the company to prevent errors in asset movement through automatic alerts generated via the supporting software. This increases overall efficiency and decreases labour cost.

Additionally, compliance with various regulations worldwide is easier when whereabouts on the entire ICT inventory are available almost immediately in a central location.

Read the full case study here.

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