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Neterra prevented more DDoS attacks in 2021


Neterra prevented nearly six times more DDoS attacks on its customers in 2021 than in 2020, the company has said.

Between the period of January to December 2021, Neterra stopped a total of 1,105,456 DDoS attacks, compared to 197,870 in 2020. According to data from the company’s monitoring system for DDoS protection services, this is an increase of 559%.

DDoS attacks are designed to disrupt access to the services or equipment of a specific victim-targeted company in order to steal data, money or intellectual property.

Neterra offers a variety of solutions to prevent DDoS attacks, as well as a system that proactively monitors the state of the network. Neterra customers who use DDoS protection from the company get access to the unified system for monitoring DDoS services.

Through it, customers can see statistics on attacks in real-time and make periodic reports – for example how many attacks were stopped per a period of time – as well as changing the defence mode.

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