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CyberScotland Partnership helps businesses prepare for cyberattack

Image: Adobe Stock / Connect world

The CyberScotland Partnership has announced that it has helped 1,273 businesses plan for and recover from a cyber incident with its Incident Response plan.

The partnership was created last year to provide a central cybersecurity resource for both individuals and organisations. It is made up of 16 member organisations, including CENSIS, YouthLink Scotland, and the IASME Consortium, as well as origin partners Scottish Government, Police Scotland, and the Scottish Business Resilience Centre (SBRC). The UK National Cyber Security Centre also serves as technical advisor.

Over the last year, the partnership has led cyber security awareness campaigns, including those aimed at keeping students secure online and providing advice to Glasgow businesses during COP26.

Jude McCorry, Chair of the CyberScotland Partnership, said: “We’ve seen the community spirit flourish in Scotland in recent years; the CyberScotland Partnership portal has built on that, relying on multiple organisations to share information so we all emerge stronger in the end. Looking ahead, we will continue to collaborate and focus our efforts on ensuring that businesses and individuals throughout the country are prepared to deal with cyber incidents.”

Mark Gallacher, Cybercrime Harm Prevention Inspector, Police Scotland added: “Cyber crime has come to the fore in recent years, and it can truly devastate its victims. The CyberScotland Partnership is a vital collaboration, providing clear and coherent information to support individuals and organisations in their efforts to stay secure and resilient.”

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