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Nfinit invests $8 million in San Diego data centres

Image: Adobe Stock / Connect world

Nfinit is undertaking $8 million worth of upgrades across its two San Diego data centres in order to improve energy efficiency and critical infrastructure reliability.

The improvements will see hardware and software updates to its cloud infrastructure, the replacement of a UPS and the addition of new chillers. According to the company, the upgrades will see its flagship data centre operate at an improved PUE of 1.25, an increase of 20%.

“This major investment in our infrastructure translates to significant customer benefits in three areas: sustainability, reliability and cost stabilisation,” said Gabriel Faulkner, VP of Critical Infrastructure at Nfinit.

“Reliability is part of our DNA, and investing in our UPS equipment is critical to keeping clients’ data safe. Also, by increasing Nfinit’s power effectiveness by 20%, we’re keeping pace with data growth trends in a more sustainable way, while also helping to mitigate rising power costs for our clients. With the backing of our new partnership with LightEdge, a strong promoter of ESG initiatives, our flagship data centre on Lightwave Avenue is on track to becoming the most sustainable data centre in the San Diego area.”

LightEdge acquired Nfinit April. Future investments are planned to further increase Nfinit’s energy efficiency.

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