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Vertiv releases first ESG report

Vertiv has released its first report of its environmental, social and governance (ESG) activities.

In the report, Vertiv has detailed its approach to energy and water efficiency, diversity, equity and inclusion, employee health and safety as well as other ESG-related topics. The company says it will provide a baseline for its future ESG efforts.

Vertiv’s ESG Executive Steering Committee, which is made up of senior organisational leaders, is promoting a company-wide evaluation of ESG performance.

The report highlighted a variety of ESG activities undertaken by the company, including the introduction of new products promoting energy and water efficiency, as well as partnerships with organisations focused on addressing data centre efficiency and emissions, such as the EcoEdge PrimePower Project (E2P2), the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance (SDIA), the European Data Centre Association (EUDCA), and the RISE Partnership Program.

The report also highlights an internal review of Vertiv’s Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the development of performance and improvement benchmarks to support the company’s reduction of operational greenhouse gas emissions.

“We all know how critical connectivity is to our daily lives and the global economy. The world’s appetite for data continues to rise, and our solutions keep data systems on and connected. At the same time, we recognise the current and potential impacts of climate change,” said Rob Johnson, Vertiv CEO.

“We are seeking to meet the growing demand for critical digital infrastructure, and simultaneously mitigate environmental impacts from our operations and products. As a result, we’re innovating to come up with more efficient and effective ways to support critical digital infrastructure.”

Karsten Winther, EMEA President for Vertiv, added, “As the EU is a global leader for sustainability goals and regulation, this report is especially relevant for Vertiv in EMEA, where it will amplify regional momentum and enhance our sustainability growth goals in MEA.

“We must follow a double-pronged approach, to align with growing industry demand whilst simultaneously ensuring our strategy promotes responsible practice.”

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