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Kohler makes generators HVO fuel compatible

Image credit: Kohler

Kohler Power Systems has announced that its entire range of diesel generators are able to run on Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO).

Kohler said in a statement that no adaptations to installed generators are needed, with HVO and fossil diesel sharing similar characteristics that allow the two fuels to be mixed directly in the tank without issue.

As a result, HVO can be used immediately as the sole fuel supply for all Kohler diesel generators, allowing for the immediate rollout of renewable fuel to customers.

This next-gen renewable fuel is highly stable, with no sensitivity to oxidation, so it can be stored long-term. It is also 90% carbon neutral and sourced entirely from waste products.

“At Kohler, we have already made great strides in making our generators inherently more efficient, reducing emissions regardless of the fuel used,” said James Zhang, President, Kohler Power Systems.

“Now with HVO, we have taken a massive leap forward in our sustainability journey by greatly reducing the carbon footprint of our diesel products.

“Customers can continue to rely on Kohler for their backup power needs, and now with a greater commitment to sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint, while not compromising on performance. The HVO fuel option supports Kohler’s commitment to our Better Planet strategy within the Believing in Better operating philosophy that focuses on overarching environmental goals.”

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