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Critical Insight 2022 | Speaker Spotlight: Adelle Desouza, DCA Advisory Board & HireHigher founder

The digital transformation of the last few years has been happening at a breathtakingly rapid pace. Covid-19 plunged us into unprecedented territory on a societal level, in terms of how we work, play and interact.

From the move to remote working and the boom of Zoom, to streaming back-to-back episodes of Tiger King and learning the latest TikTok dance – our world became abundantly more digital almost overnight.

But in the face of this break-neck digitisation, the digital infrastructure sector was and still is trying to get to grips with an issue that it was already struggling with pre-pandemic: the tech talent shortage. Our appetite for data and compute grows more ravenous by the year, but the sector is scrabbling to find the workforce that will serve as the backbone of our digital future.

Last year, there were reportedly more than 2 million tech vacancies in the UK, and with digital skills becoming increasingly desirable and tech becoming only more secure as a profession – what’s stopping them from being filled?

Adelle Desouza, of the DCA Advisory Board and founder of HireHigher Ltd, will be exploring whether we are doing enough to tackle the tech skills shortage on day one of Critical Insight 2022.

From data centre infrastructure to telecommunications to managed services, Adelle is working in both the UK and Australia to drive aspirations and awareness of career and development opportunities for young people.

With a passion for the data centre and wider industries, Adelle joined the DCA board as a means of driving real change, both in mindset and practice as to how we can promote, present and preserve the talent of the existing workforce to future generations.

So be part of this vital conversation and tune in to Adelle’s session on day one of Critical Insight, 22-23 November.

To view the Critical Insight agenda and to register, visit:

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