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CyberScotland offers free cybersecurity advice to businesses

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The CyberScotland Partnership has announced a new, free to download cybercrime guide for employees of Scottish businesses.

The online resource outlines how to avoid falling victim to the most common cyberattacks, as well as guidelines for selecting secure passwords and protecting accounts.

According to the CyberScotland Partnership, ethical hackers from the Scottish Business Resilience Centre helped to develop the guide after an announcement earlier this year from the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) that anyone with access to data should receive cyber awareness training within 30 days of starting a new job – and before being given access to any databases.

Jude McCorry, Chair of the CyberScotland Partnership, said, “Our new guide is a must-have for any organisation serious about their cybersecurity. It’s an ideal add-on to staff induction packs, not only to help businesses comply with the ICO’s requirements but also make people more aware of what cyber threats exist and how to spot them.

“Cybercrime is arguably one of the most pressing issues for businesses today, with the latest numbers showing instances in Scotland are reaching record levels. However, all the security in the world isn’t enough if your employees aren’t confident about how to keep information secure. This guide has been created with the cyber amateur in mind; it is easily digestible and uses only non-technical language.”

Police Scotland figures show the number of victims hit by cybercrime in Scotland has nearly doubled in 2021-2022 from 2019-2020.

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