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MoD migrates applications to MODCloud

Image: Adobe Stock / jullasart

Netcompany has helped the Ministry of Defence (MoD) migrate a number of applications, including the armed forces websites, from a legacy private cloud environment to MODCloud.

Working with the MoD Core Enabling Services team, Netcompany completed the discovery, design and build, and assisted with the migration of the applications by the end of June 2022. According to Netcompany, a key objective for the migration was to deliver greater flexibility to manage and engineer applications.

The migration forms part the MoD’s data centre rationalisation initiative started in 2019, where many MoD applications are being moved from legacy data centres and into a public cloud infrastructure.

This will provide the MoD with the scope to refactor applications, making them more cloud-native, and enable the MoD to rapidly deploy new services and deliver much greater scope to innovate at pace. 

Richard Davies, UK Country Manager Partner of Netcompany adds: “Given our extensive industry and domain knowledge, as well as our strong track record, we understand the challenges that the MoD encounters daily, and as a result were able to assist in rapidly and successfully deploying their applications. Today it is vitally important that our armed forces are as efficient, productive, and innovative as possible and moving to a public cloud infrastructure will deliver the flexibility and agility they need, both now and in the future.”

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