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Critical Insight 2022 | Speaker Spotlight: Chris Thorpe, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Leading Edge Data Centres

With the advancement of technologies such as 5G and AI, and the increasing necessity of low-latency and real-time compute closer to the source of data, edge computing is on course for expansion.

The cloud will need to find its place at the edge of the network, becoming more distributed and dynamic to meet the data needs of the future. 

Next month, on the second day of Critical Insight 2022, Chris Thorpe, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Leading Edge Data Centres, will be giving a keynote talk on why cloud is moving to the edge.

Enterprises of all sizes are turning to multi-cloud and hybrid IT environments. Chris will be giving an overview on this changing landscape, and explain how businesses can easily deploy services at the edge without having to be concerned with the operational overhead of managing more infrastructure.

Chris is an experienced CEO with a proven entrepreneurial track record of identifying market trends and opportunities, and then founding and creating businesses to capture those markets. 

He has over 30 years of experience gained in IT&T located in the US, Europe and Australia. 

Seen as a creative visionary and a passionate leader, Chris has developed the culture and environment for the Leading Edge Data Centres team to create and deploy the innovative solutions which solve regional Australia’s IT&T.

Don’t miss Chris’ keynote at Critical Insight 2022, set to take place on 22-23 November. 

To view the agenda and to register, visit:

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