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Critical Insight 2022 | Speaker Spotlight: Venessa Moffatt, Business Development Consultant, Digital Technologies and Advisory Board, DCA

Digital infrastructure is fundamental to our everyday lives. As society embraces digitalisation, our need for efficient and reliable data centres also grows.

Bringing together the management of IT space and facilities, data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) plays a key role in performance, providing invaluable insights to operators and decision makers from one centralised point. 

But with the emergence of new innovations like hybrid IT and edge computing, the role of DCIM is also changing – and has to keep pace with the evolution of digital infrastructure. DCIM software will need to embrace new tech, and offer increasingly strategic insights, so that data centres can meet the requirements of a world that demands more compute, faster, and in as sustainable a means as possible.

Venessa Moffatt, Business Development Consultant, Digital Technologies and Advisory Board, DCA, will be exploring these issues at next month’s Critical Insight.

With the use of sophisticated tech and the consumption of huge amounts of data now widespread, she will be talking about how the DCIM solutions of today and tomorrow can address issues like rising energy costs, security and the pursuit of sustainability.

Developing businesses in the digital economy, Venessa is an innovation and growth specialist, with 20 years’ experience in the data centre and tech industries.

Venessa holds a BSc in Computer Science, a Post Grad Diploma in Business Administration, as well as an MBA from Essex University, where she specialised in agile IT architectures for maximum business value.

Venessa regularly writes thought leadership pieces on topics ranging from DCIM to security and sustainability.  Venessa is on the board of advisors for the Data Centre Alliance and is also a member of the IET and BCS.

Don’t miss Venessa’s talk at Critical Insight 2022, coming to a screen near you on 22-23 November. 

To view the agenda and to register, visit:

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