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EcoDataCenter announces new 150 MW campus in Sweden

Image: EcoDataCenter

EcoDataCenter has announced plans for a new sustainable data centre, dubbed EcoDataCenter 2, located in Östersund, Sweden.

The first phase of construction is set to be operational in 2026, and will provide 20 MW of capacity across 32 acres. Once all phases are complete, the campus will offer a total of 150 MW of power.

The campus is being designed with circular ecomomy principles in mind, with EcoDataCenter working alongside circular industry company WA3RM to “reuse renewable energy to increase food self-sufficiency” in the region.

Last year, EcoDataCenter announced it was collaborating with WA3RM on a project to re-use waste heat from new data centres for food production in Sweden.

According to EcoDataCenter, the campus will have access to renewable energy provided by local power company Jämtkraft and will create between 800 and 1,000 jobs.

“We are constructing a new growth platform for our clients that also enables us to take the next step in sustainable data centre design. At EcoDataCenter 2, we will make a future-proof facility both in terms of sustainability but also from a technical perspective being able to handle very high densities,” said Dan Andersson, CEO at EcoDataCenter.

“An important part for us in evaluating the site was how can the data centre contribute to the community in more ways than just improving global digitalisation. We looked at ways to deliver more value to society.”

The new campus will add 150 MW of power to EcoDataCenter’s portfolio, taking the company’s total to 240 MW.

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