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New EUDCA video aims to clear up data centre misconceptions

Image: Europe's data centres explained – the hidden technology behind modern life by the EUDCA

The European Data Centre Association (EUDCA) has launched a new video to draw attention to the importance of data centres in our everyday lives.

Europe’s data centres explained – the hidden technology behind modern life aims to address the general lack of understanding of what a data centre is and what role they play in the world we live in.

The video offers insight into the cloud and digital infrastructure, explaining what they are, what they do, and the value of the services they offer to modern society.

Lex Coors, Policy Committee Chair at the EUDCA said; “As the world transforms and becomes more digitally connected, data centres have cemented their position as the central nervous system of the digital economy. It’s important that we start to raise awareness of this and continue to educate society about the value they provide now and into the future”.

Michael Winterson, Chair of the EUDCA added, “Data centres were not only pivotal to enabling the world to work from home during the pandemic, they also helped provide the data processing grunt to develop vaccines in a very rapid timescale. Digital services such as videoconferencing quickly became an essential way to keep businesses talking and the economy flowing, at the same time making a valuable contribution to the mental health of those isolated in their homes.

“This new video from the EUDCA aims to help people connect the dots and understand that when their GPS re-routes a journey to avoid major traffic, money appears in their bank account moments after splitting a bill with dining companions, or sales goods are delivered the day after they were bought online – none of that happens without data centres or the digital infrastructure that connects them to the world at large.”

The video is available to view on the EUDCA YouTube channel:

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