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Riello UPS expands Sentryum series

Riello UPS has extended its Sentryum range of UPS solutions, introducing several new models that offer greater power availability.

The series has been expanded with new 3-phase input and output 60-80-100-120 kVA versions, which complement the 10-15-20-30-40 kVA models already available in the range.

Sentryum delivers unity power (pf 1) and efficiency of up to 96.6% in maximum protection double conversion online mode. It features a unique control system that reduces harmonic voltage distortion (<1% with resistive loads and < 1.5% with non-linear loads).

Power ratings up to and including 60 kVA come with a choice of three different frame sizes (Compact, Active, Xtend) that give operators the flexibility to maximise both floorspace and battery runtime – while the 80-120 kVA versions are housed in their own dedicated cabinet.

Up to eight Sentryum UPS can be paralleled together to increase power, battery runtime, or redundancy. Thanks to its closed loop system, the UPS continue to operate in parallel even if the connection cable is interrupted.

All models incorporate a Smart Battery Management system with a range of features that help to optimise battery performance and maximise lifespan.

Leo Craig, Managing Director of Riello UPS Ltd, commented, “With these new models, the Sentryum continues to rewrite the concept of flexible power. Designed with the most advanced technologies and components, it offers high quality power continuity that is adaptable to various customer needs, delivering reliable performance, protection of critical loads, and significant energy savings.”

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