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Centiel completes UPS upgrade for Sure’s data centres

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Centiel has announced the completion of a project to deploy its CumulusPower modular UPS in three of Sure’s Tier III data centres in Guernsey, on the Channel Islands.

Sure’s facilities keep the critical data of some Europe’s largest organisations secure in a location outside of mainland UK and Europe.  

Louis McGarry, Sales and Marketing Director at Centiel explained, “As an organisation, Sure requires the highest level of uptime and is also committed to reducing energy usage throughout its facilities. CumulusPower was selected to replace a number of legacy UPS, providing a more efficient solution now that Sure is on a zero-carbon path.”  

According to Centiel, the upgrade from legacy equipment in data halls four, five and eight to CumulusPower has seen the facility convert to the latest technology, which offers higher resilience and availability than previously. Due to the modular nature of CumulusPower, it is highly efficient, running at 97% efficiency compared with <80% for the previous UPS.

Simon Roger, Facilities Manager at Sure, added, “We chose Centiel’s CumulusPower as the leading power protection technology on the market.  

“I am pleased to say that the UPS replacements in data centres four and five are now complete with no more switching events required, and the change requests are both closed. We have seen the predicted instant power savings equating to an estimated 20-30% approximately with the current IT load. The UPS are also uber reliable and take up less space, and we have saved around seven racks on this installation which can be used for clients.”

CumulusPower’s modules can be ‘hot/safe swapped’ in a running load, meaning Centiel was able to train Sure’s engineers in first level response, removing the need to fly trained engineers to the Channel Islands to complete necessary maintenance work. Sure’s team can now complete basic monitoring, diagnostics and maintenance of the UPS.  

Roger continued, “CumulusPower is unique in the market because it enables UPS modules to be swapped safely by our trained team without switching the UPS off. This safe-hot-swap functionality means even if we need to replace a module and send it for repair, we do not experience any downtime, ensuring maximum availability for our clients.”

Centiel’s team worked alongside with Sure to enable these works, delivering within budget, ahead of schedule and with zero downtime.  

McGarry concluded, “From our experience, the energy savings when replacing old for new could result in a system paying for itself in three to five years. This is good news for the environment and clients alike. This reduced total cost of ownership is supplemented by having industry leading availability and ease of maintenance.  

“It is no wonder that CumulusPower has now been installed in data centres and comms rooms in over 100 countries across five continents, protecting more than 100 MW of critical power loads in locations including the UK, Singapore, Australia, Germany, Spain, the Czech Republic and now the Channel Islands.”

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