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Google signs major offshore wind PPA in the Netherlands

Image: Adobe Stock / metamorworks

Google has signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) with two wind projects off the coast of the Netherlands, the largest offshore wind agreement the tech giant has signed to date.

Google has agreed to take 478 MW of power from two new wind farms – HKN V and HKW VI – operated by Crosswind & Ecowende Consortia, joint ventures resulting from a collaboration between Shell and Eneco. The wind farms are expected to contribute around 6% of the country’s annual electricity consumption.

The agreement is part of a wider announcement from Google, confirming PPAs that will account for more than 700 MW clean energy across the Netherlands.

Google is also expanding its green energy initiatives in Italy, Poland, and Belgium. In Italy, the company has signed a PPA with ERG for a 47 MW onshore wind project. Google hopes this agreement will allow its offices in Italy, as well as its Milan and Turin cloud regions, to reach more than 90% carbon-free energy on an hourly local basis in 2025.

In Poland, Google has made two new agreements for 106 MW solar capacity with GoldenPeaks Capital, to help its offices and cloud region in the country achieve more than 90% carbon free energy in 2025.

In Belgium, Google’s partnerships with Aspiravi and Luminus will bring 84 MW from 11 onshore wind farms to the grid, with the company projecting to operate its offices and data centres at close to 85% carbon-free energy on an hourly local basis in 2024.

Google’s goal is to operate on 24/7 carbon-free energy at all of its data centres and campuses in Europe by 2023.

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