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ODATA announces two new data centre campuses in Mexico

Image: Adobe Stock / Gorodenkoff

ODATA has announced that it will be expanding its QR01 data centre in Querétaro, alongside the construction of two new facilities – QR02 and QR03 – in the region.

The QR01 campus will provide up to 32 MW once fully built out, with QR02, situated in Guanajuato, to offer a further 30 MW. The QR03 campus will be located the city of El Marqués, and will have an installed capacity of 150MW. The new sites will be dedicated to hyperscale customers.

“We are pleased with the success seen during the development of our QR01 facilities. This expansion of QR01 is illustrative of continued customer interest in the market, our teams’ successful execution, and the longer term value of data centre development in the Querétaro,” said Ricardo Alário, CEO of ODATA.

“Mexico is currently one of the main markets in Latin America, where ODATA is well established and rooted to sustain its growth. We already have a recognised brand, regional expertise and great credibility with local suppliers, which enables us to grow safely and at an accelerated pace.”

“We believe in the country’s potential as a strategic centre for data centre and cloud services in Latin America. Our technical expertise and commitment to innovation position us as ideal partners for companies seeking reliable and advanced solutions for their IT needs,” added Alário.

“With this expansion, ODATA reaffirms its role as a leader in the data centre sector in the region, offering high-quality, reliable and secure infrastructure for companies looking to boost their business through technology.”

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