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HPE & Danfoss partner to launch heat reuse module

Image: Adobe Stock/ Mohsin

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Danfoss have announced a partnership to develop a new solution aimed at reducing the environmental impact of data centres by managing and reusing waste heat.

The collaboration will introduce the HPE IT Sustainability Services – Data Centre Heat Recovery, an off-the-shelf heat recovery module, helping organisations manage and value excess heat as they transition towards more sustainable IT facilities.

This project aims to address the increased energy demands the sector is facing due to the rapid integration of AI technologies, combining HPE’s scalable Modular Data Centre (MDC) products with Danfoss’ heat reuse solutions.

The core of this initiative is the HPE Modular Data Centre (MDC), which incorporates direct liquid cooling technologies to reduce energy consumption by 20%. These modular units are designed for quick deployment and can be situated remotely from heavy industrial areas, which optimises space and reduces energy waste. Complementing HPE’s technology, Danfoss is introducing its heat reuse modules and Turbocor oil-free compressors, which can boost cooling efficiency by up to 30% and repurpose data centre excess heat for heating local communities and industrial applications.

“Our strategic partnership with HPE is a great example of how we revolutionise building and decarbonising the data centre industry together with customers,” said Jürgen Fischer, President, Danfoss Climate Solutions. “With this latest cross-industry partnership we’re building the blueprint for the next generation of sustainable data centres – using technologies available today.”

“At HPE, we believe in the power of collaboration to create transformative solutions,” added Sue Preston, Vice President & General Manager, WW Advisory & Professional Services & Managed Services, HPE.

“Our partnership with Danfoss brings together HPE’s innovative modular data centre with Danfoss’ groundbreaking heat reuse technology. Together, we are not just adding value; we are multiplying it. By harnessing the typically untapped resource of waste heat, turning waste into worth, showing the future of energy usage is efficient, intelligent, and, most importantly, achievable now.”

The partnership also aims to achieve reductions in deployment time, cutting down the time to market from the typical 18 months to six months. The modular design allows for flexibility in location, helping to minimise the energy lost in data transfer and improve overall operational efficiency.

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