• Navigating the data centre maze

    The International Data Corporation (IDC) recently reported that 73 per cent of companies now foresee the need for major modernisation of data centres, to keep pace with the speed of digital advances.  They include Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, big data and edge computing.

  • Network organiser keeps cables tidy

    Modern network infrastructures are reliant on optimum performance and maximum flexibility with their cabling. And now, a new product from Rittal has been designed to achieve this flexibility. The Network Cable Organizer is said to revolutionise patching work on the enclosure, with eight times faster assembly, creating space and order in the rack and offering time savings.

  • New year’s resolution: Make improvements now to stay cool for the summer

    Karl Lycett, Rittal UK’s product manager for Climate Control explains why now is the time is to get your facility summer ready.

  • R&M: How high density affects racks

    Andreas Rüsseler, CMO at R&M, discusses implementing high-density into your infrastructure, the benefits and why it doesn’t have to be a headache.

  • Racking your brains

    When designing a data centre, much like building a house, laying strong foundations can mean the difference between success and (usually costly) frustration. This article takes a look at what to consider in order to avoid that dreaded downtime.

  • Rapid assembly for secure power distribution in IT racks

    Four compact power distribution units (PDU) for professional power distribution in IT racks will halve assembly time, compared to screw-in PDUs, according to Rittal which developed the product.

  • Rittal to participate in London event

    Rittal is planning to exhibit and speak at the forthcoming DatacenterDynamics Converged Europe Conference and Expo being held in November at Old Billingsgate, London. The company says it will be showcasing its range of solutions that address the needs of companies who design, install and operate data centres, whatever their size or scale. These solutions are designed to provide users with efficient, flexible and scalable responses to meet the challenges their customers may face in the future.

  • Rittal: A base for every season

    Rittal’s new base/plinth system for enclosures and IT racks means it can now offer customers and end-users an unprecedented number of functions and options.

  • Summer sun or Winter snow, these machine just want to go

    In summer, most us look forward to longer days, holidaying abroad and eating endless amounts of ice cream without feeling guilty. However, spare a thought for plant managers, who fill with dread when the temperature gage begins to increase. Here Jonathan Wilkins, marketing director at obsolete industrial parts supplier, EU Automation explains how plant managers can keep electrical enclosures running efficiently during the summer months.

  • Swinghandle system suits cabinets large or small

    Hardware manufacturer EMKA has claimed that its 1150 program of industrial swinghandles is the most comprehensive in the company's range. With IP ratings of IP40, IP54, IP65 and IP66, these rugged locking handles offer the OEM panel builder a complete package from the 80 and 120mm versions for enclosures through to the main range of 160mm and 200+mm handles for round or flat rods on large cabinets.

  • The data centre opportunity for cable landing stations

    The first ever submarine cable – laid in the English Channel in 1851 – heralded a new era of communication. And nearly 170 years later the world’s oceans are now crisscrossed by hundreds of thousands of kilometres of cable – long enough to get to the moon and back, and with plenty to spare, Shalini Lagrutta reports.

  • Trends for cloud computing and data centres

    Computing equipment specialist, Rittal has published some interesting predictions for the future of the data centre sector as the industry moves towards greater AI-based monitoring capabilities and the processing of data in real time with edge computing.   

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