Energy Efficiency

  • Aqua secures Nordic deal to build seven off-grid data centres

    Hampshire based engineering company, The Aqua Group, has been selected as a strategic partner to PVD Modular in a deal which will see at least seven off-the-grid data centres being built across Norway (three) and Finland (four) over the coming years. 

  • Case study: Kao Data eliminates mechanical cooling

    Kao Data campus has done away with mechanical cooling, instead employingFläktGroupand Adia-DENCO indirect evaporative cooling to save energy, water, and maximise efficiency.

  • Connecting the world’s greenest data centre

    Built into the mountains of Stavanger, Norway, in what was formerly a NATO ammunition storage facility, is now one of the world’s most secure and energy efficient data centres.

  • Don’t screw up at the edge

    Iceotope director, David Craig, shines a light on the failings of traditional cooling technologies, and highlights the methods best equipped to handle modern-day cooling requirements at the edge.

  • EkkoSense to support upcoming UK ASHRAE Conference

    EkkoSense, a UK-based data centre thermal optimisation specialist, has been invited to speak at the upcoming ASHRAE CRC 18 Conference, taking place 6th - 7th September at Loughborough University.

  • Enclosures: Keep your cool

    Advances in technology have allowed equipment to become faster and more compact, but with smaller spaces, come higher temperatures. Can your data centre handle the heat?

  • Find out about Rittal’s data centre solutions at DCW 2020

    Rittal will be showcasing its portfolio of TS IT racks, edge computing resources, modular systems, cooling units, internal power distribution systems, and lighting solutions at Data Centre World 2020. 

  • FläktGroup: Best of both

    New cooling technologies that use evaporative mechanisms play a significant part in helping data centres reduce their energy consumption. However, does this simply shift the environmental burden from energy to water use? Yan Evans, global director for FläktGroup’s data centre business argues why this isn’t the case, and how adiabatic systems can be designed to minimise both energy andwater consumption.

  • Free event discusses critical role of new technology in data centre cooling

    On 25 September, Guardian Water Treatment, along with WCS and Hevasure, will discuss the critical role of new technologies in improving the efficiency and sustainability of data centre cooling.

  • Google develops AI algorithm capable of cooling its data centres

    If reports are to be believed, Google has been busy testing an AI algorithm which can learn how to cool down a system, in order to keep the power consumption as minimal as possible.

  • How do the world's biggest data centres avoid overheating?

    Commercial air conditioner supplier Daikin explores how the world’s largest data centres keep their cool.

  • Interxion partners with Schneider to deliver new Dublin data centre

    Interxion has partnered with Schneider Electric, to kit out the physical infrastructure of its new DUB3 facility in Ireland. 

  • It’s gettin’ hot in here

    But unfortunately, unlike the 00's hit, electrical equipment can’t take off all its clothes. In this article, industry experts give their advice on how data centres and the precious hardware within them can hope to remain cool as temperatures continue to rise.

  • It’s gettin’ hot in here

    Following news that the 2010s were some of the hottest years on record, Nick Osborne, data centre specialist for Aggreko, explores how providing sufficient air conditioning equipment is a key measure to avoiding overheating and that dreaded downtime.

  • Kao Data facility achieves coveted OCP-Ready status

    Kao Data is now listed as Solution Provider on OCP Marketplace, with data centre white space qualified to meet requirements of OCP equipment.

  • Kao Data: More than a feeling

    A trillion-dollar industry must be driven by more than feelings, says Paul Finch, COO, Kao Data, as he discusses why following the proper standards when it comes to cooling your data centre, will yield a far more efficient and effective facility.

  • Lenovo helps University of Birmingham cut data centre energy costs

    Lenovo is working with the University of Birmingham on a Water Cooling Technology (WCT) project, set to increase the compute power in its data centre, reduce its hardware footprint and cut cooling costs.

  • New White Paper from Schneider Electric

    Schneider Electric has released a new White Paper, detailing the technical differences between the many types of compressors popular in data centre applications. Entitled 'The different types of cooling compressors', White Paper #254, outlines the inner functions of five common compressor types and explains how each performs the central task.

  • Nortek announces ‘world’s most powerful’ compact coolant distribution unit

    Nortek has announced a new coolant distribution unit (CDU) for data centres that want to take advantage of liquid cooling, with the new model supposedly the single most powerful, compact CDU on the planet. 

  • Panduit equipment gets approval at Kao Data's London One Data Centre

    Panduit has achieved approved supplier status to the Kao Data Campus, for its Universal Containment, hot aisle containment enclosure and rack systems. This highly energy efficient and leak-free solution is in situ at Kao Data London One, data centre on the 15-acre campus located in the London-Stansted-Cambridge corridor.

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