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Tag: Data Privacy

Is our private data safe with AI?

Almost overnight Web3’s ideals of user privacy and data security were shoved aside by the AI boom calling for everyone to hand over yet more data to cloud tools and big tech. Coincidence? Probably not, says Simon Bain, CEO at OmniIndex

Data Protection Day: taking a closer look at your cybersecurity systems

In 2023, we live in a data-driven world, where our personal data is shared constantly: at work, shopping online or simply surfing the web. That’s why it is critical that data protection is taken seriously and employees are fully trained to support it, which is what Data Protection Day is here to remind us, says Andy Bates, Practice Director – Security at Node4.

Getting ahead of the game

The data protection market has drastically changed over the last year. Veniamin Simonov, Director of Product Management at NAKIVO explains the challenges that organisations are facing when it comes to data protection and how to get ahead of the game.

Data centre security: Where cyber meets physical

How can security operators centralise security, satisfy regulatory requirements and keep their business running at peak efficiency? Nick Smith, Business Development Manager at Genetec takes a deeper look.

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