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Lifespan of UPS Batteries

Batteries are an integral part of any data centre UPS installation. Indeed, without a well-maintained battery system that performs when you need it, the UPS itself is practically worthless.

This whitepaper offers you a comprehensive overview of UPS batteries, from the different types and how they’re manufactured, through to the factors that affect cell lifespan. You’ll also learn about the most common conditions and get some top tips about maintenance and monitoring.

Download this whitepaper to find out all this and more:

  • The difference between design and service life and why a ’10 year design life’ battery won’t necessarily last for 10 years
  • The main factors that affect battery lifespan, including temperature, frequency and depth of discharge, and operating voltage
  • The most common problems you’ll get with UPS batteries, such as sulphation, dry out, and thermal runaway
  • The best ways to prevent premature battery failure (i.e. battery monitoring systems and proactive maintenance)
  • ​The various types of UPS battery testing (i.e. impedance testing, load bank testing

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