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UPS: Safety first

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Power Control Ltd has extensive experience providing backup power to data centres across the country and knows the importance of resilient and effective emergency power. In this short article, Power Control outlines the benefits of a UPS system and how they keep large facilities safe.

Businesses often rely on large numbers of computers and other electronic equipment that stores huge masses of important information and data. A power failure in this situation would be detrimental not only due to the inconvenience, but also due to the potential loss of great amounts of money and time. Backup power solutions provide a continuous provision of power even if there is break in the mains supply.

Benefits of an uninterruptible power supply
Prevent loss of data

At a business if the power is lost or interrupted it could cause a devastating loss of data. This could be deemed even worse if the lost data contained personal or sensitive information. It is always better to have a backup system than have to go through the process of explaining to a client or customer why their data has been lost.

Save money

Not only is the loss of information a potentially expensive occurrence but also the time you waste after a power outage. Things that have would have been done during the power outage suddenly become things that need doing again and you will become behind on work. With a UPS system, there is no interruption to your productivity, everything runs smoothly even in the event of a power cut.

Save time

As previously stated, losing power can lead to hours spent trying to find out what has gone wrong and finding out what work may have been lost. Another potential loss of time may be if your customer data is affected in a power loss, as you would have to task yourself and your work force to spend time rectifying issues to avoid reputational damage.

Peace of mind

One of the key reasons to consider a UPS system for your big data centre is to be safe in the knowledge that you are immune from all of these nightmare scenarios mentioned above. Losing power can be detrimental to your business, so knowing that your power supply is constantly being monitored and backed up allows you to concentrate on the more pressing issues affecting your business.

How do UPS systems work?

UPS systems monitor voltage levels looking out for a sudden low or high. If the system senses a drop-in voltage, then it will replace this power from within the battery function. This is done by the activation of the automatic transfer switch which changes from the main power source to the UPS in less than a second. This swift response avoids any interruption to the important computer equipment and prevents a brownout to all the devices powered by that system.

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