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Author: Claire Fletcher


That’s a wrap!

Today is my last day! So after three and a bit years, I (Claire Fletcher) will be hanging up my hat as ER & DCR editor to pursue pastures new. The tech/data centre side of things is where my background lies, so

Are we being mind-fracked?

When I say, ’we’, I don’t mean ‘we’ as in our mobile phones, our laptops, Alexa, or the other myriad of connected devices currently consuming our consciousness. I mean ‘we’ as in us, our minds, our very essence as human beings. And


Legrand introduces the Infinium acclAIM™ fibre solution

Legrand has unveiled its latest fibre breakthrough, the Infinium acclAIM fibre solution, at the BICSI Fall Conference and Exhibition this week. As part of Legrand’s fibre offerings, the new acclAIM fibre solution redefines fibre connectivity by replacing pre-terminated cassette-based solutions with direct connections – to

Life on Mars?

There soon will be if Microsoft and HPE have their way, as cloud ‘data bursts’ from space help move astronauts closer to Mars as well as helping to improve life here on Earth. I think with the current and tragic happenings in

DataOps for all, thanks to a new free tool from SolarWinds

SolarWinds is ensuring DataOps for everyone, with its DBA xPress tool, which they are kindly offering free of charge. DBA xPress automates data and schema comparisons, making DataOps adoption and Microsoft SQL Server cloud migrations easier for all data pros. For data

The European data centre market has the power

Quite literally, as the data centre power market in Europe is expected to surpass $5bn by 2026. According to a recent study from Graphical Research, the European data centre power market size is poised to expand at substantial CAGR during the forecast

Big p*ss Techers

Big Tech companies really do think they can get away with anything don’t they? With sanctions for selling off people’s data and generally poking around in your personal business considering nothing more than simply, ‘the cost of doing business.’ But I suppose

Do developers actually trust third-party cloud providers?

Like most relationships, trust isn’t an issue, until it is. Alternative hyperscale cloud computing provider Linode has released the results of a survey designed to assess whether developers trust third-party cloud providers, with surprising results. ClearPath Strategies’ latest cloud survey revealed that


Citizen Schneider (and SnapLogic)

Schneider Electric has been working with SnapLogic to introduce a new citizen developer approach to application and data integration. With SnapLogic’s self-service, low-code platform as the foundation for Schneider Electric’s new operating model, the multinational energy provider has empowered nearly 150 citizen

To code or not to code? That is the question

Apparently, 48% of employers think the workforce is lacking in digital skills, so could no-code be the answer?  Despite the workforce becoming more digitally reliant, new survey results suggest that, less than half of employers (48%) in the UK believe that employees

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