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DataOps for all, thanks to a new free tool from SolarWinds

Image: Adobe Stock / Connect world

SolarWinds is ensuring DataOps for everyone, with its DBA xPress tool, which they are kindly offering free of charge.

DBA xPress automates data and schema comparisons, making DataOps adoption and Microsoft SQL Server cloud migrations easier for all data pros.

For data professionals who need to understand how a data environment is visually structured, DBA xPress intuitively helps compare, synchronise, script, and navigate data and schemas, enabling data pros to more seamlessly adopt DataOps, automate releases and simplify Microsoft® SQL Server® cloud migrations at no cost.

According to data pro respondents in ‘The SolarWinds Query Report 2021: Database Priorities and Pitfalls’, DataOps offers several benefits, including functional advantages such as increased efficiency/productivity among teams; reduced manual effort; automated management processes; and enabling faster access to actionable business intelligence/decision making.

However, while the benefits are clear, implementation is the biggest barrier to greater DataOps adoption.

Respondents reported difficulty getting buy-in from business leadership (22%), a lack of resources/budgets (19%), and silos and/or territorial disputes among teams (19%) as the leading challenges to implementing DataOps. 

As more organisations seek the benefits of DataOps strategies, it’ll be imperative in the near term to deliver value through data. DBA xPress will help tech pros tackle this head on – for free – and help them move one step closer to implementing a successful DataOps strategy.

“As digital transformation continues to accelerate across industries, we’re seeing more businesses start to prioritize their move to the cloud. But as teams – especially database managers – start to break down cloud migration requirements, it quickly becomes apparent how time consuming and costly it can be,” said Rohini Kasturi, chief product officer, SolarWinds.

“To succeed in migrating from one environment to another, teams need to optimise their data to maximise the performance of cloud-hosted databases and adopt solutions that enable DataOps practices to drive efficiency and productivity.

“We’re hoping to kickstart and simplify this optimization process for DBAs, DevOps teams, tech pros, and business leaders alike by offering DBA xPress for free.”

DBA xPress helps data teams understand schema and data differences and data dependencies as part of the database re-architecture process when preparing for Microsoft SQL Server cloud migrations.

Data pros need to manage moving code and data from on-premises to cloud environments – especially in an organisation’s change management pipeline from application development to production – and the ability to automatically compare data and schemas ensure successful migrations.

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