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Women reveal: The 7 best things about working in tech

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In analysing Ivanti’s ‘Women in Tech Survey Report 2018’, Reboot Digital Marketing Agency felt inspired to highlight what women believe is the best thing about being a woman in tech.

Type ‘women in technology’ in the Google search bar and you’ll see words like ‘we have a long way to go’, ‘gender pay gap’ and ‘#MeToo.’ This is perhaps unsurprising. Earlier this month 20,000 Google employees protested over how Google handles cases of sexual misconduct, gender inequality and systemic racism. Leaving many women to voice: ‘We’re done with not being taken seriously.’

This sentiment is echoed in Ivanti’s report, where 63% of women in technology cite ‘being taken seriously’ as the number one challenge faced by women working in the sector. This is swiftly followed by ‘having no female role model’ (43%) and the ‘gender pay gap’ at 40%.

However, in the same search, new words are beginning to permeate. Words like ‘#EmpowerHer’, ‘successful women in STEM’ and ‘women advancing technology.’ It is the positive Reboot Digital Marketing Agency wanted to focus on.


It’s fantastic to see 67% of women believe ‘making a positive impact’ on their organisation and/or industry is the best thing about being a woman in tech. The second-best thing about being a woman in tech (so say just over half (54%) of women surveyed) is ‘encouraging other women’ – arguably one of the most important factors.

Women list it’s never boring’ (53%) and ‘it’s a passion project’ (45%) as other positive things about working in the field of technology. Whereby work is dynamic, engaging and a way to create in myriad ways.

There is also the possibility of ‘perks’ (29%), such as the opportunity to work flexible hours or to hot-desk in a new environment. Not to mention the potential for ‘great pay and career advancement’ which 24% of women champion as the best thing about working in tech.

Lastly, ‘being surrounded by other women in the same field’ is a factor 14% of women believe is the best thing about being a woman in the technology sector. This validates the importance of women in technology networking events, mentorship programmes and STEM programmes. In sharing what they know, or questioning what they don’t, women can inspire and become a role model for other women.

Sindhu Rajoo, SEO and PPC specialist at Reboot Digital Marketing Agency, shares her ‘best thing’ about being a woman in tech in 2018, “Women are creative and natural born leaders who are good at problem solving and handling new challenges.”

“These are reasons that make working in tech exciting for me. I enjoy the idea of discovering unfamiliar problems every day and creating innovative ways to solve the issues. Each day is different, and you never stop learning!”

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