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Edge takes centre stage at London event

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The edge will occupy front and centre stage on Rittal’s stand when the Data Centre World (DCW) show opens in March.

Products on display will include the company’s Edge Data Centre which offers an end-to-end product with standardised, preconfigured IT infrastructure. Also at the show will be LCP DX cooling solutions and the company’s innovative RiMatrix containerised data centre.

The development of edge computing has provided much needed computing resources at the perimeter of the network, Growth has been rapid as a consequence of burgeoning technological demands for low latency, local data processing and high autonomy of infrastructure, system-wide security and high bandwidth.

The focus is typically on the immediate processing capacity required at the source of data making it as fast and secure as possible.

The need for edge computing can easily be seen in smart production systems, where sensors and actuators continually relay information on the status of processes and infrastructure. This forms the basis for innovative services such as alerts, predictive maintenance, and machine self-optimisation, delivered by the company’s IT department in real time. For this to happen, and for quick responses to events and anomalies, it’s critical to have low latency between production and the IT infrastructure.

“DCW is always a very busy show for us and we’re delighted to be able to showcase such an exciting portfolio of products, all designed to help customers take advantage of innovations such as edge computing,” said Clive Partridge, Rittal’s technical manager for IT infrastructure.

“Our solutions are designed to be implemented rapidly and cost-effectively, thereby paving the way for Industry 4.0 applications.  Their modular construction creates huge flexibility for customers. They can be installed in an IT security room, or be containerised like our RiMatrix containerised data centre, allowing it to be located wherever it is required.

“When combined with the as-a-service offering that Rittal jointly provides with iNNOVO Cloud, the edge data centre provides a complete, one-stop solution for enterprises of all sizes.”

Readers will find the Rittal exhibit on stand D610 when they visit DCW at Excel, London, 12-13 March 2019.

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