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Bring-Your-Own-Drive is dedicated to server flexibility

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3W Infra is a fast growing Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider operating from Amsterdam with more than 4,600 dedicated servers under management. This week the company has announced the introduction of ‘bring-your-own-drive’ dedicated servers aimed at reseller hosting applications.  

A poll of 3W Infra’s customer revealed that a proportion of its clients globally want to have full flexibility with regards to their storage infrastructure, these new dedicated servers are delivered without pre-installed hard disk drives. 

Being an IaaS provider, 3W Infra claims it is focused on delivering custom-engineered hosting services around the world. With its flagship data centre presence in Amsterdam the company provides its custom engineered IaaS hosting solutions to customers worldwide. 

After interviewing several customers around the globe including companies from Taiwan, Hong Kong, France and India, 3W Infra learned that its ‘reseller hosting’-focused dedicated server offering could use a flexibility-boost. This has now resulted in launching this ‘bring-your-own-drive’ dedicated server package. This is a full-featured package, deployed in the data centre in Amsterdam. It will be delivered including CPUs, Ram and network bandwidth but without pre-installed hard disk drives. 


Storage for virtualisation 

“Storage plays an increasingly central role in the business model of cloud service providers and other virtualisation-focused companies operating within the hosting industry,” said Murat Bayhan, founder and CEO of 3W Infra.  

“For companies that are reselling our IaaS hosting services it means that hard disk drives including high-capacity SSDs have become a distinctive feature of their market offerings. It also means that significant parts of their margins may come from storage equipment if they invest in it themselves. The bring-your-own-drive dedicated server package launched today will offer our reseller hosting partners the opportunity to significantly enhance their margins.” 

The dedicated server package comes with the latest CPU and Ram technology and flexible month-to-month contracts. Users can send their own hard disk drives to 3W Infra’s data centre in Amsterdam, after which the company’s engineers will integrate these HDDs into the dedicated servers.  

It will also be possible for users to let 3W Infra purchase the HDDs from them, so they’ll be able to profit from 3W Infra’s own supplier agreements. 3W Infra will then keep ownership of the server and network equipment, while the ownership of these HDDs will be transferred to the reseller hosting customers. In case of ending the dedicated server commitment before end-of-life of the storage equipment, the HDDs will be unscrewed and returned to the respective owners. 

“The storage investments for virtualised platforms are significantly on the rise for many of our reseller hosting customers,” added Bayhan. “This might be a burden for some of them, but many obviously see it as an opportunity to greatly increase their profits. Catering to the specific storage infrastructure and margin-enhancing needs of these reseller hosting clients, we are now offering these new dedicated server packages. The return on investment for a hard disk drive is relatively short, so these customers will be able to add good profit to their revenues very quickly.” 

Bring-your-own-drive dedicated servers will have access to the company’s proprietary global network with a capacity of currently 160Gbps. The high-bandwidth network with global reach provides 3W Infra’s dedicated server clients with redundant, low-latency network paths via Internet exchanges and Tier 1 backbone providers. 

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